ENGINEERING: Innovation For Global Impact

Ellen LEE 2017 BEng (Civil Engineering) and BBA (General Business Management) Engineer, Highways Department (The Government of the HKSAR) The time I spent in HKUST SENG was a fruitful experience that reinforces my knowledge in the engineering profession and allows me to gain insight of how we could strive for the betterment. There were lots of opportunities for me to learn, to expand my social network and to contribute to the university and the society at large. My years in HKUST SENG deepens my impression that engineering is full of challenges but at the same time very fulfilling. Despite the busy day work, I continue and further extend my involvement and contribution as a Head Engineering Student Ambassador and Peer Mentor of SENG to different professional institutions and the society. I believe that through involvement, I gain a wider exposure and I am able to meet people with similar thoughts that speeds my learning and enables me to exchange interdisciplinary knowledge. 33