UG Resident Handbook 2023-24

3 Hall Admission 3.1 Application for hall residence shall be made in the manner prescribed by the University. Provision of false information in the application may lead to disqualification of the application and/or disciplinary action. 3.2 Head of Student Housing and Residential Life shall, in accordance with regulations and procedures approved by the University, admit vacation residents for such period as he/ she may decide appropriate. 4 Payment of Hall Charges Each hall resident or vacation resident shall pay the hall charges in accordance with the rates of charges and the general conditions and methods of payment for the time being in force. 5 Privileges of Hall Resident, Vacation Resident and Guest A hall resident, vacation resident, or guest who has paid all appropriate hall charges or who has purchased a Guest Pass or who has been permitted to make a deferred payment of these, shall, subject to the provisions of clause 11.4 be entitled to reside in the hall and use its facilities during the paid period. Use of other facilities outside the hall premise is not an entitlement of hall residence. 6 Visitors 6.1 A hall resident or vacation resident may invite visitors to the hall subject to hall rules. 6.2 A hall resident may hold overnight guest in the hall subject to hall rules. 6.3 The Residence Master may prohibit any visitor or any person not being a hall resident, vacation resident or guest from entering the hall, ask him/her to leave the hall, or permit him/her to remain on the premise at any time. 6.4 The Residence Master may blacklist a guest who has violated the hall rules and forbid him/her from entering the premise at any time. 7 Responsibility for Injury and Damage 7.1 The hall resident, vacation resident or guest shall make good or pay on demand for any damage to furniture, fittings, fabric and property of the hall for which he/she is responsible, fair wear and tear excepted. In case of shared facilities in resident rooms or apartments, it is the joint responsibility of all those sharing the use of the facilities concerned to make good or pay on demand for the damages. 7.2 The University or, the Hall Management shall not be responsible for any loss of damage to any property, goods, articles or things whatsoever brought into the hall by the hall resident, vacation resident or guest. 10 Terms and Conditions of Hall Residence