UG Resident Handbook 2023-24

1 Occupancy Accommodation in the Hall is provided to assigned residents for the specific purpose of personal residence only. Use of the premises for any other purpose (e.g. giving to another person to reside in, storage, etc.) is prohibited. 2 Change of Rooms Change of rooms is not allowed except with permission of the Student Housing and Residential Life Office. Residents found changing rooms privately will be penalized as appropriate. 3 Identification Proof of identity of any person present in the Hall may be requested by the member of the Hall Management or any person appointed by the Hall Management. Those who fail to present proof of residence will be asked to leave the Hall or will result in penalties. 4 Key A resident shall be responsible for the room key assigned for his/her use. A room key/card key is not to be duplicated, loaned or furnished to anyone else. 5 Food Preparation, reheating and cooking of food is only allowed in the areas designated for such purposes. 6 Smoking The University is a non-smoking campus. Smoking is not allowed in the entire University campus, or in any part of the Hall premises. 7 Safety and Fire Hazards 7.1 Possession of any items or chemicals (e.g. weapons, explosives, highly combustible materials, etc.) that are potentially dangerous or damaging is prohibited. 7.2 Open flames, including candles and incense, are prohibited in any part of the Hall premises. 7.3 Interference of fire service devices is prohibited. 8 Cleanliness It is the responsibility of the resident to keep his/her room clean and tidy and the joint responsibitily of all residents in the Hall to keep the common area of the Hall (including apartments in Jockey Club Hall) in a clean and tidy condition. Hall Rules 12 Hall Rules