UG Resident Handbook 2023-24

13 Hall Rules 9 Furniture, Fittings and Fixtures 9.1 A resident shall not interfere with existing fixtures and fittings or install new utilities or fittings, without the permission of the Student Housing and Residential Life Office. 9.2 A resident shall not affix any glue, scotch-tape, gum-paper, nails, spikes, tacks or any other thing on or drive the same into any wall or floor or any fixture, fittings or furniture in any part of the Hall premises without the permission of the Student Housing and Residential Life Office. 9.3 Furniture and equipment of the Hall must not be moved away from the Hall or moved from one room to another except with the permission of the Student Housing and Residential Life Office. 9.4 A fixed penalty of HK$500 will be levied on residents who damaged and/or tampered with any fixture, fittings or furniture. In addition, residents involved will be responsible to bear the cost of making good of the damaged and/or tampered with item(s). 10 Decorations and Display Materials 10.1 Decorations and display materials are allowed to be put onto designated notice boards or places as permitted by the Student Housing and Residential Life Office. 10.2 Decoration and display materials on bedroom doors and other areas inside the Hall are normally allowed, provided that they do not deface surfaces, impose safety risk or cause disturbance to any other residents. Prior approval from the Student Housing and Residential Life Office will be required. 10.3 Decorations or display materials which deface surfaces or cause obstructions are prohibited. 11 Hallways and Public Areas 11.1 According to the Fire Safety Regulations of Hong Kong, hallways, walkways, stairs and other public areas (e.g. common rooms, lobbies, etc.) are to be kept clear of equipment, furniture, trash and any other obstacles that might obstruct passage. Items found in these areas will be confiscated and discarded at the expense of the resident who is responsible without prior notice. 11.2 Common rooms are for the use of all residents. Any activity that obstructs others to use the common room is strictly prohibited. 12 Dress Code A resident shall be properly attired, T-shirt, shorts and sandals are the minimum requirements in any common areas of the Hall premises.