UG Resident Handbook 2023-24

Bedrooms All bedrooms are fully furnished and air-conditioned. Each bedroom is equipped with a small refrigerator, table(s), chair(s) and wardrobe(s). A furniture list will be given upon check-in. Common Rooms Common Rooms with pantries are located at every floor. They are equipped with basic home furniture, TVs, refrigerators, hot and cold drinking fountains and micro-wave ovens for residents’ use. Laundry Rooms Each Laundry Room is equipped with washing machines, dryers and a scale. • Locations: UG Hall I and SKCC Hall: Next to the car park of SKCC Hall UG Hall II: 2/F UG Halls III – IX: G/F • Price: Laundry with detergent provided: $9 Laundry with no detergent provided: $8 Dryer: $1.25 for 5 minutes 18 Hall Facilities Hall Facilities