UG Resident Handbook 2023-24

Restaurants and Cafeterias There are restaurants and cafeterias operated by external caterers offering a wide range of food and beverage on campus. • Starbucks (Atrium) • China Garden (G/F) • Can.teen II (LG1) • 24 Hours Vending Shop (LG5) • McDonald's & McCafe (LG 5) • Asia Pacific Catering (LG7 Kitchen 1) • Gold Rice Bowl (LG7 Kitchen 2) • TT Veggie (LG7 Kitchen 3) For opening hours and menus, please visit Facilities on Campus 20 Facilities on Campus Please refer to the following website for the latest opening hours. facilities/computer-barn” Apart from going to the above computer barns, you can also access computer barn software and satellite printers anywhere anytime by connecting to virtual barn desktops from your own notebook/tablet and mobile phone Computer Barns There are four computer barns on campus area, all equipped with PCs, run by ITSC providing printing and scanning services. Computer Barn A Computer Barn B Tang Shiu Kin Computational Laboratory Computer Barn C Virtual Barn Room 4402 – 4404 (Lifts 17 – 18) Room 1101 (Lifts 17 – 18) Room 4578 – 4580 (Lifts 27 – 28) Computer Barns Locations Opening Hours • Passion by Gerard Dubois • Hungry Korean • American Diner • Subway (G/F Cheng Yu Tung Building) • Ebeneezer's (LSK Business Building) • Pacific Coffee (LSK Business Building) • Diners@LSKBB (LSK Business Building) • UniBistro (Lo Ka Chung University Center) • UniBar (Lo Ka Chung University Center) • UniQue (Conference Lodge) • Delicious (G/F, UG Hall VI) • Oliver's Super Sandwiches (LG7 Kitchen 4) • 7-Eleven (LG5) • HFT Life (Shaw Auditorium)