UG Resident Handbook 2023-24

Security and Safety Personal Safety • Keep your room LOCKED whenever you are leaving for a short period of time or sleeping. • Inform Hall Attendants of the Hall Office immediately if you find any suspicious person or activities in the Halls. • If you plan to leave Hong Kong for a period of time, it would be advisable to inform others of your whereabouts e.g. your fellow schoolmates, roommate, or the Hall Office. Electrical Safety To avoid electrical accident, here are the safety tips on using electricity: • Avoid using of extension units or universal adaptors. • Use the extension cords on temporary basis only when necessary. Extension cords should only be used on temporary basis. • Use electrical appliances that meet meet local/international statutory safety requirements for use in Hong Kong. • Keep electrical appliances away from water. To learn more about electricity safety, please visit the website of Electrical and Mechanical Services Department Loss or Theft • DO NOT keep large sums of money, jewellery or valuable items in the room. • DO NOT leave any valuables unattended. Report any loss or theft to the Hall Office immediately. 26 Security and Safety