UG Resident Handbook 2023-24

Lost and Found Any lost property found in the hall should be handed in to the Security Control Centre of the University immediately In Case of Fire • On Hearing the Fire Alarm: - Leave the building immediately by following the evacuation procedures. • Discovering a Fire: - Call the Security Control Centre emergency number 2358 8999 (on direct line) and/ or 8999 (on PABX line). State clearly the location of fire. - DON’T put yourself at risk. You may attempt to extinguish the fire by using suitable firefighting equipment nearby ONLY IF you have learnt how to use the equipment and when the situation is SAFE for you to do so. - If the fire gets out of control, close the door and leave the area by following the evacuation procedures. - Raise the alarm by breaking the nearest break-glass point (if the alarm has not yet been activated) and alert people nearby by shouting “FIRE”. EVACUATION PROCEDURES • Evacuate the building by the nearest available staircase/ exit. DO NOT use the lifts. • Remain Calm. Walk, DO NOT run. • Go to the nearest assembly areas after you leave the building. • DO NOT re-enter the building until permission is given by the Fire Services Department Officer or a senior staff member. 27 Security and Safety