UG Resident Handbook 2023-24

How to get along with roommates? Mutual respect is the thumb rule. One can never find another person which share same background, value, goals, or interest. Therefore it is important to make a roommate agreement upon check-in. It is not necessarily a document. Instead, it is a process to understand your roommate(s), identify the values that one see important, and conclude a few standards that each of you agree to abide by. You also want to think about ways to handle violations of standards, and how to resolve disagreements. It is easy to fall into the trap of recognizing that yours is the only way to handle things. Therefore, always be aware of how your actions may impact others, particularly those that may bring negative impacts. No one is perfect, and when making mistakes, one always hope to be forgiven. Show empathy – feel how your roommate(s) feel by putting yourself into their show. How to make hall life more fruitful? Everyone has their own reasons and needs to stay at the hall, but with the opportunities already out there, why not try to get the most out of your stay? Orientation programs offered by each hall, taking place in August – September in fall term and February in spring term, give a preview of learning opportunities available at the hall, and a platform to greet other residents. One always find orientation essential to adapt to the hall community. We encourage you to initiate informal conversations with your hallmates, student leaders, staff and Residence Master. You can never imagine how rewarding these conversations are. Last but not least, get involved. You will find inspiring ideas, and meaningful dialogues through participation in activities and programs. Tips on Hall Life 31 Tips on Hall Life