UG Resident Handbook 2023-24

32 Tips on Hall Life Network Connection The Residential Network (ResNet) is the service provided by ITSC. Both Wired ResNet and Wireless ResNet are available for hall residents. Set-up Guide for Wired ResNet: Set-up Guide for Wireless ResNet: How to live a green hall life? • Switching off light, air conditioner and other electronic appliances when they are not in use. • Reducing water wastage by turning off dripping taps. • Reducing water consumption by spending less time in the shower. • Recycling paper, clothes and other resources whenever possible. • Supporting the environmental friendly programs and activities organized by Student Housing and Residential Life and Hall Office. • Getting loaded when doing laundry, it takes less energy to do one big load than two smaller ones. • Reducing the need for ironing by taking clothes out of the dryer slightly damp and hanging them up. • Make effective use of any used item(s) and donate item(s) to people in need via charitable organization such as: Hong Kong Red Cross (Tel 2802 0021; Email: The Salvation Army HK (Tel 2332 4433; Email: Po Leung Kuk (Tel 2277 8352; Email;