JCH Resident Handbook 2023-24

Terms and Conditions Interpretation In these Terms and Conditions: 1.1 "Hall(s)" means all on-campus and off-campus residential accommodation for students under the management of the University. 1.2 "Residence Master" means a person appointed by the Provost to take charge of the Hall. 1.3 “Hall Management” means a team of management and executive staff appointed by the Provost or the Dean of Students to perform functions and duties in relation to the residential life education and/or facilities management and operation of the Halls. 1.4 "Hall Resident" means a student of the University who is staying or has accepted an offer of residence in a Hall admitted under the hall admission policies for the time being in force. 1.5 "Vacation Resident" means any person, other than the Hall Management and Hall Tutors, who is staying or has accepted an offer of residence in a Hall admitted by the Head of Student Housing and Residential Life under regulations and procedures for summer programs approved by the University. Compliance with Terms and Conditions 2 A hall resident, vacation resident and visitor shall observe and comply with these terms and conditions, with the hall rules, with any reasonable order of the Residence Master, and whenever appropriate with the general regulations of the University. Hall Admission 3.1 Application for hall residence shall be made in the manner prescribed by the University. Provision of false information in the application may lead to disqualification of the application and/ or disciplinary action. 8