JCH Resident Handbook 2023-24

Penalty for Late Check Out 10 A fixed penalty of HK$100 per person per night plus the hall charges incurred due to late check-out will be levied on those who fail to observe the check-out date as stipulated on the Offer Letter and vacate the student halls on time. Both charges continue to apply until the resident concerned completes the proper check-out procedures by returning all keys to the hall attendants AND sign on the check-out record. Discipline 11.1 The Residence Master may, in accordance with authorities vested in him/ her by the University, take disciplinary actions against any hall resident or vacation resident for violation of terms and conditions of hall residence and hall rules. 11.2 The Residence Master may confiscate any appliances or items which according to hall rules are not allowed to be brought into the hall without permission, or any equipment used in such a way as to disturb or endanger others. 11.3 The Residence Master may impose a fine on any person who is not a hall resident or a vacation resident and who is found in the Hall without prior permission after the time for the departure of visitors from the hall as laid down in the hall rules. 11.4 The Residence Master may suspend or terminate, with or without notice, a resident from hall residency when there is reason to believe that the person’s residence will lead to behavior incompatible with the orderly operation of the Hall. 11.5 No refund of any hall fees will be made for suspension or termination of residency imposed as a disciplinary action. 11.6 A hall resident or vacation resident may appeal to the Dean of Students against any findings of the Residence Master that he/ she has violated hall rules. The appeal must be in writing and shall specify the grounds for the appeal. 11