JCH Resident Handbook 2023-24

4. Garbage Disposal Hall attendants and contract cleaners will remove garbage from the public garbage bins in the refuse room on each floor regularly. Residents should be considerate and help maintain a hygienic environment by regularly clearing your own garbage or unwanted items from the apartments. Please put the garbage in plastic bags, tie them up properly and place them in the garbage bins in the refuse room on your floor. Large items should be disposed at the refuse chute on ground floor directly. Recycling bins are also available. 5. Repair and Maintenance If you find any defects or damages in your room, you should: • submit an online defect report form; OR • report to the Management Office directly Repair and maintenance will be arranged accordingly. 6. Equipment Loan Service Residents can borrow electric irons, laundry baskets, vacuum cleaners, trolleys, dehumidifiers, basketballs, bicycles and board games from the Management Office during office hours. 7. Air-conditioning Air-conditioners are provided in rooms and common area of the student apartments. Residents are required to pay for the air-conditioning service (Hong Kong $1.60 per kWh) in rooms and common area of the student apartments by using the value adding service through the Octopus kiosk available at the lift lobby on every floor. Residents should select the corresponding bedroom or apartment numbers on the kiosk and pay by tapping the Octopus Card on the scanner. Minimum charge for value adding each time is HK$20. 19