JCH Resident Handbook 2023-24

Tips on Hall Life How to get along with flatmates and roommates? Living with flatmates and roommate from different backgrounds is not a simple task. Efforts need to be made to create a harmonious living environment. Self-Introduction upon Moving-in: Introduce yourself and get to know each other. Work out an Agreement: It is better to share and agree with roommates what you prefer and the “bottom line”. Room Hygiene and Quiet Hours: Keep your room and common area of the apartment clean and tidy, courtesy hours after 11pm. During quiet hours, noise, conversations, or music from the grounds should not be heard by residents or disturb residents in their bedrooms or apartments. Mutual Understanding and Respect: Do not assume your roommates have the same habits or lifestyle like yours. Respect theirs as they respect yours and learn to accommodate each other. Have an open conversation with your roommates and make the corresponding adjustment. How to make hall life more fruitful? Meet your Residential Life Officer and Hall Tutors: Find out who they are and tell them your expectation. Take Part in Activities: Various kinds of hall activities and SHRL-led programs are organized for you to meet and to learn from your hall mates and other residents in on-campus halls. Organize Activities: Grasp the opportunity to plan events for your fellow hall mates to share and to learn. How to live a green hall life?  Switching off light, air conditioner and other electronic appliances when not in use.  Reducing water wastage by turning off dripping taps.  Reducing water consumption by spending less time in the shower.  Recycling paper, clothes and other resources whenever possible.  Supporting the environmental friendly programs and activities organized by Student Residential Life and Hall Office.  Loading the washer to its full capacity, it takes less energy to do one big load than two smaller ones.  Reducing the need for ironing by taking clothes out of the dryer slightly damp and hanging them up.  Make effective use of any used item(s) and donate item(s) to people in need via charitable organization such as: Hong Kong Red Cross (Tel 2802 0021; Email: infor@redcross.org.hk) The Salvation Army HK (Tel 2332 4433; Email: recycling@hkt.salvationarmy.org) Po Leung Kuk (Tel 2277 8352; Email; plkinfo@poleungkuk.org.hk) 26