PG Resident Handbook 2023-24

16 17 Key and room access Procedure of Checking-in and Checking-Out KEY AND ROOM ACCESS Resident are provided with either a key or smart card for entering into your room (and apartment if applicable). Residents are responsible for the safe-keeping of the key. DO NOT label the key or key holder with name or other relevant information. In case of loss or damage, report to the Security Control Center AND the Hall Office/Management Office immediately. Replacement of keys will be issued upon payment of a fee at HK$100 each. Residents requesting for door opening service will be charged at HK$10 per request. Resident must return all keys and key card holder to the Hall Office/Management Office upon checking out. You will be charged for any loss of key and key card holder at HK$100 and HK$10 respectively Checking-in During check-in, residents should complete resident registration and collect a keycard or key for room access. Residents are required to check if their room inventory is in good condition based on the Inventory Checklist given to residents during check-in and will be held responsible for any loss or damage to the inventory Any missing, malfunctioning or damaged items inside the room/apartment upon check-in should be reported to management office/hall office immediately. If no notification has been received within a week of check-in, damaged or missing items found during resident period of stay and check-out will incur a cost for repair/replacement. Checking-out Residents are obliged to complete check-out properly with SHRL before the end date of residential period. Cooperation is essential to facilitate maintenance, cleaning and the move-in of new residents. Residents are required to clean all belongings from inside the room (and apartment if applicable), and restore the furniture setting, Once residents vacated their room, they should return the room key/key card & its holder AND sign on the check-out record IN PERSON at the Hall Office/Management Office. If residents intend to check out earlier than the last day of their residential end date, you are required to submit written notification to SHRL at least ONE MONTH before your desired move out date. PROCEDURE OF CHECKING-IN AND CHECKING-OUT