PG Resident Handbook 2023-24

Important Matters That You Need to Know as A Resident Important Matters That You Need to Know as A Resident 21 20 Defects If you find any defects or damages in your room, apartment, or anywhere in the halls, you should: 1. Report to the Management Office/Hall Office/Service Counter directly; OR 2. Complete the defect report form by scanning the QR code below.Repairs and maintenance will be arranged. TAKE CARE OF YOUR ROOM • turn OFF the air- conditioner, lights, PC, etc. whenever not in use • close the windows and lock your room when you go out • keep your room clean and tidy IMPORTANT MATTERS THAT YOU NEED TO KNOW AS A RESIDENT Cleaning Matters and Garbage Disposal [SKCC and GGT] Cleaning All common areas including toilets/ showers, common rooms, pantries or kitchen, hallways and lift lobbies will be cleaned by hall attendants and contract cleaners. It is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY to clean your own ROOM and to keep/ maintain all common areas tidy and hygienic. Garbage Disposal You are required to clear your own garbage or unwanted items. Please put the garbage in your own plastic bags, and tie them up properly. You should place your garbage in the trash bins located at each floor refuse room/lift lobby. DO NOT PLACE GARBAGE BINS IN THE HALLWAY. Large items should be taken to the rubbish chamber collection point which is usually located at the ground floor of each building. Utility[GGT] THE JOCKEY CLUB GLOBAL GRADUATE TOWER (GGT) SSC SMARTMETER SYSTEM A new environmental-friendly pivot project (Smart Meter Project) is activated in GGT since the Residential Year 2022-23. Utility charge of GGT will be charged according to consumption. Details could be found by scanning the QR code below. Laundry Laundry rooms are located on 1/F – 7/F of Tower A&B and GGT. Each floor in UA Tower A&B is equipped with 1 washing machine and 1 dryer except for ground floor while 2 washing machines and 2 dryers are equipped in each floor of GGT A Laundry and Drying Area is located in the courtyard of the composite building for Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Hall and UG Hall I. The Laundry is equipped with 10 washing machines and 10 dryers. Please refer to page 29 of this handbook for payment and operation guide of the laundry machines. Electric irons and ironing boards are available upon request. Contact the Hall Office/Management Office if you want to borrow these items. Residents should collect the washed clothes promptly. Any laundry left in the laundry room will be disposed without further notice and the University or the Hall Management shall not be responsible for any loss of or damage to the items.