PG Resident Handbook 2023-24

Important Matters That You Need to Know as A Resident Important Matters That You Need to Know as A Resident 23 22 Telephone A telephone is installed in the living room of each unit in University Apartment and in the hallway of each floor of the Stephen Kam Chuen Cheong Hall. The telephone is for the joint use by residents in an apartment or in the hall. Be considerate and do not engage in lengthy conversation on the telephone. All telephones are direct lines outside the University telephone system which can neither be used to make international calls nor to receive collect calls. If you want to make international calls, please use the pay-phone next to the Coffee Shop at the Chia-Wei Woo Academic Concourse. GREEN TIPS When cleaning personal belongings, make sure that all recyclable items are sorted out and disposed of properly. Make effective use of any used item(s) and donate item(s) to people in need via charitable organizations such as: Hong Kong Red Cross (Tel: 2802 0021; Email: The Salvation Army H K (Tel: 2332 4433; Email: Po Leung Kuk (Tel: 2277 8352; Email: Watch out for announcement on recycling activities for Apartments residents during mass check-out period at the end of the Fall and Spring term. Cooking Cooking is allowed ONLY in the kitchenette of each unit in the University Apartment or the kitchen on each floor of GGT. You should clean up the stove, the range hood and the kitchenette EVERY time after cooking. Residents in the University Apartment should check the grease filter of the range hood from time to time and replace it whenever necessary. This helps prevent grease and dirt from gathering in the kitchenette. REMEMBER to turn off the stove after use. Negligence can be disastrous. Do not leave your food items or kitchenware unattended in common areas. The University or the Hall Management shall not be responsible for any loss of, misuse, or damage to the items. Use microwave oven properly. Incorrect use of microwave oven will cause fire or even explosion. Read the safety instruction sheet posted near the oven carefully. Do NOT cook or reheat food in the bedroom or the living room. The bedrooms and living rooms are fitted with sensitive detectors/sprinklers which can be easily activated by heat. Cleaning Matters and Garbage Disposal [University Apartments] It is the joint responsibility of the residents of an apartment to regularly clean the living room, the restroom, bathroom and the kitchenette of the apartment. You should dispose of garbage or unwanted items by yourselves. Please put the garbage in your own plastic bags, tie them up properly and bring them to the Refuse Chute of your floor for disposal. Large items should be taken to the Rubbish Chamber on the G/F. DO NOT place garbage bins outside your apartment or in the corridors. Apartment cleaning is arranged to clean the common areas of your apartment on a regular basis which aimed to have regular checking to maintain the conditions of the common facilities in the apartment. Residents should remove all their belongings in the living rooms to facilitate apartment cleaning. You are responsible to clean your bedroom on a regular basis. Common areas including corridors, lift lobbies, staircases will be cleaned by the Hall Attendants and contract cleaners of the Management Office. You are requested to keep/ maintain all common areas hygienic and clean. WHILE COOKING • Always turn on the exhaust hood to its highest power level. • To avoid overheating, always adjust the fire level to the adequate level. • When circumstances permit, keep all windows wide open to minimize smoke, heat and steam accumulation. • Close all apartment doors to prevent smoke generated from cooking that may activate smoke detectors in corridors.