HKUST Sustainability Annual Report 2021-2022

HKUST Sustainability 7 Environment Social and Governance Report 2021-22 Energy and GHG Using the baseline year of 2014, exceed the Hong Kong government energy target by reaching a 15% reduction by 2028. Meet or exceed Science-Based Targets trajectory for reducing overall GHG emissions Waste to the Landfill By 2028 reduce waste to the landfill by 75% compared to the 2014 baseline year Water Make substa towards UN Developmen and Sanitatio water consum 500,000 cubi Progress and Performance By 2028, through a combination of reductions and strea 6% Energy Saving by energy reduction efforts and solar contribution 1st University in HK to make a pledge to eliminate investment in fossil fuels Sustainability Education Living lab 6 New Courses added to the Sustainability course inventory, representing 7.8% of the newly offered course 30 Projects are supported in total that are equiv HK$29.6M 94.5% of Graduates have completed at least 1 sustainability course 17 Seed Grant Proj are supported in total that are equiv HK$1.7M 66% of Graduates have completed 2 or more sustainability courses 81 SSC-track Undergraduate Research Opportuni projects are supported Employment of Machine Learning for analyzing SDG content in the course curriculum Honorary Member A International Sustainable Campus N Excellence Award HKUST strives to become a global leader in building a sustainable campus by transforming the environment into a living To bring this into effect, the first sustainability master plan – the HKUST 2020 Sustainability Challenge – was launched in Building on this success, HKUST is excited to announce the new HKUST 2028 Sustainability Challenge that will continue By 2028 we will have an educational and research framework ensuring that all students gain a solid understanding of sustainability concepts and graduate with the capacity and commitment to solve problems locally and globally. By 2028 w visible onthat contr goals whil researche sustainab 2028 Sustainability Challenges 65 80 25