HKUST Sustainability Annual Report 2021-2022

HKUST Sustainability 14 Environment Social and Governance Report 2021-22 Overview MATERIALITY Contents Environment Social/People Governance/ Driver Sustainability Initiatives ESG Frameworks Energy Drivers People Material Issues Description Relevance to SDGs ESG Focus Area Data-driven Management Practices that value management decisions that are supported by relevant and verifiable data and ensure data privacy. (E.g.: disclosing performance and financial data, checking on the regular performance of University's Suppliers) Goal 16 Incorporation of UN’s SDGs in Decision Making Practices that take into account the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals when considering how to meet the university's needs. (E.g.: addresses 17 SDGs) Goal 17 Occupational Health and Safety An effort to adhere to "best in class" occupational safety and health principles in operations, research, and campus activities. (E.g.: occupational health and medical surveillance program by HSEO, safety trainings for students and staff) Goal 3 Efficiency of University Service Improving and innovating university community services that bring positive impacts to stakeholders. (E.g.: medical clinic reservations, digital transformation, IT support, counselling) Goal 8 Quality Teaching & Education An emphasis on facilitating a teaching and learning environment that develops meaningful pedagogical experiences for students, which includes providing diversified courses, inspiring innovation and creativity, and embracing inclusiveness, diversity, and respect. Goal 4 Experiential and Hands-On Learning An emphasis on a hands-on approach to learning that maximizes interactive teaching methodologies to build skills and create memorable experiences, including extracurricular activities, experiments, student societies, and competitions. Goal 4 Academic Freedom & Integrity An emphasis on protecting the freedom to teach, study and conduct research without unreasonable interference from public pressure. Goal 16 Sustainable Smart Campus as a Living Lab Practices that aim to transform our campus into a platform for learning, experimenting, and showcasing smart new ideas and approaches that produce sustainable outcomes. Goal 17 Natural Resources Sustainability Initiatives Water