HKUST Sustainability Annual Report 2021-2022

HKUST Sustainability 33 Environment Social and Governance Report 2021-22 Community Health is Safeguarded Anti-Discrimination HKUST is committed to ensuring a safe, positive, and pleasant environment for the community. The University does not in any way condone, nor tolerate, any form of sexual harassment. The University has a sound protocol for the complaint procedures and urges individuals to fully utilize such. Should one however consider it necessary, one may choose to lodge a complaint with the Equal Opportunities Commission or perhaps take legal action in the district court. The University is committed to creating and promoting environment that provides equal opportunity and is free of discrimination and harassment. There is a non-discriminatory admissions policy where equal opportunities are provided to the candidates in the admissions process. Also, the Gender Discrimination Committee of the University has been taking the lead to raise awareness of gender discrimination and maintain an environment that is zero tolerance for sexual harassment. Fairness HKUST abides by the Employment of Children Regulations, made under the Employment Ordinance (Cap. 57), which prohibits the employment of children in industrial undertakings and regulates the employment of children in non-industrial establishments, so as not to interfere with their schooling. The SEN (Special Educational Needs) Support under the Counselling and Wellness Center ensures that all students have equality of opportunity, that they benefit equally from university life, and that a campus culture of inclusion is cultivated. Global Graduate Tower (GGT) has purpose-designed bedrooms for students with physical disabilities. The room is equipped with height-adjustable furniture, an automatic door, and motion-sensing switches for light and air-conditioning. Due to the promotion of secured breastfeeding by UNICEF and the Department of Health of HKSAR Government, HKUST’s Mothers’ Station was established to provide mothers with a comfortable and convenient environment for breast milk pumping. Health Outreach Program Counseling Centre provides all-year-round counseling services and workshops to HKUST staff and students while in the progress of curating an online-interactive platform for HKUST members to utilize and communicate with other members or professional counseling personnel. There are several health outreach programmes in the community to participate in. These include meeting with therapy dogs to enhance physical, emotional and psychological aspects, a 30km or 100km virtual run for a healthy lifestyle, and working with Haven of Hope Christian Service (HOHCS) for healthy aging research. Nutrition At HKUST, all the food outlets display the calorie information on the purchase display boards. Also, there are food outlets near all academic buildings at HKUST serving vegan and vegetarian options. Moreover, sustainable food and beverage consultant, Food Made Good HK, is working with HKUST to deliver a comprehensive sustainability programme for participating outlets. Free drinking water is also provided to the community. It has launched a campaign to become a disposable bottled water-free campus. HKUST aims to eliminate the use of one-time-use plastic water bottles by providing safe water supplies through constant monitoring done by the HSEO and government. Smoke-Free Policy HKUST is a non-smoking campus. Any person who smokes or carries a lighted tobacco product in a statutory non-smoking area will be fined up to HK$1,500.