HKUST Sustainability Annual Report 2021-2022

HKUST Sustainability 34 Environment Social and Governance Report 2021-22 Overview Materiality Contents Environment SOCIAL/PEOPLE Governance/ Driver Sustainability Initiatives ESG Frameworks Physical Activity HKUST has a large indoor sports hall of 1,600 square meters of floor space for badminton, basketball, volleyball, and handball. We also have outdoor sports facilities including an artificial turf soccer pitch, a 400-meter track with 8 lanes, a hard-surface mini-soccer pitch, a basketball court, a lawn area, and tennis courts. Furthermore, a 50-meter outdoor pool and a 25-meter indoor pool are available for swimming and aquatic activities. Physical Safety HSEO provides an occupational health and medical surveillance program that meets regulatory requirements and professional standards to ensure a safe work environment for employees. Physical examinations are coordinated to assure employees are suited to their work. In addition, HSEO has an updated safety and environmental protection manual that is used to handle different types of emergencies such as engineering and chemical safety. HKUST provides workshops to aid sexual and reproductive health care services for students. Such workshops help students to learn practical ways to handle the traumatic experience. It would also introduce ways to cultivate resilience and well-being through the lens of psychology. When non-local students arrive in Hong Kong, they are new to the living environment. This can cause various both physical and mental difficulties. To cope with such stress, there is a Non-Local Student Guide for staying safe that elaborates aspects on general safety, lab safety, emergencies, sexual assault/ harassment, weather warnings, and terrorism. Sexual Harassment Control Mechanism Members of the HKUST community who feel infringed by members of the University are strongly encouraged to speak up and report incidents of sexual harassment through the University’s established procedures, where the incidents would be investigated, guided, or given advice by designated officers, Gender Equity Officer or Gender Discrimination Committee. The incidents of sexual harassment could be resolved through Informal Resolution and Mediation. A series of hearing procedures would be initiated if the incidents could not be resolved. On the education side, workshops and seminars on sexual harassment and anti-discrimination issues are offered to staff members and students by the Human Resources Office and the Dean of Students Office respectively. Working Environment The HKUST Staff Association was established with 3 missions, which are promoting social, cultural, and recreational activities among staff members of the University, protecting the welfare of HKUST staff, and acting as a communication link between the University and its staff members. To promote sustainable commuting, HKUST offers shuttle bus services for students and staff. The workfrom-home arrangement is also taking place regardless of the COVID-19 pandemic for a more efficient, focused, and comfortable working environment. There is Bring Your Kids to Work Day, which is a great opportunity to let the staffs’ children explore the working world while showcasing the work life and work ethic to the next generation. Fun and enriching kids activities for little ones would be provided. The University recognizes the benefits of volunteering service to both the community and the volunteer. The provision of paid special leave offers an opportunity for staff members to contribute to the community and for personal development through volunteering service during normal work time. Staff members who wish to participate in volunteering services in Hong Kong that are organized or recognized by the University may apply for Special Leave. Employees receive support for their time loss through protection from the Employment Compensation Ordinance (Cap. 282). This ordinance applies to situations where an employee, during employment, suffers injury or damages. Protection includes nofault compensation, where an employee is entitled to compensation without needing to prove the fault of any party. Staff is given appropriate periods of leave from work accommodation. Appointees will be entitled to certain days of annual leave based on their positions in Salary Bands under the Grading and Salary Structure. Also, sick leave and maternity leave will be provided in compliance with the Employment Ordinance in Hong Kong and under the University’s prevailing policies and regulations.