HKUST Sustainability Annual Report 2021-2022

HKUST Sustainability 35 Environment Social and Governance Report 2021-22 Financial Demands and Assistance are Met Employees’ Living Wage All employees at the university are guaranteed to be paid at least a living wage. While a living wage is defined as a wage sufficient to cover all living expenses without assistance from others, the statutory minimum wage is lower and does not provide a take-home wage that is sufficient for meeting basic needs. HKUST evaluates all of the contract workers including security, landscape, cleaning, and food services. New contracts for security, cleaning, and landscape now include a provision that their contract employees must be paid a living wage. Financial Assistance for Students Scholarships and Financial Aid Office has financial assistance services for students who are unable to obtain adequate assistance provided by the Government. After consideration of the individual’s family financial condition and completion of the means-tested review, a bursary and/or non-interest loan would be offered to successful applicants. First Generation WeCan Scholarship Scheme helps students to pursue first-degree courses in the eight UGC-funded universities and The Hong Kong Academy. After the award of the WeCan Scholarship, the alumni family are invited to participate in volunteering activities under WeCan and community services to give back to the WeCan and society. Career-Building Support HKUST Alumni launched the HKUST United Program to support students to offer career advice, start-up support, and job or internship opportunities. Also, under the HKUST Entrepreneurship Program, a package of support and services will be provided to support start-up companies. Local Start-up Assistance HKUST provides services and support to local start-ups and students. Targeting local start-ups, the service provides HKUST office space and a certain amount of funds. Targeting students, there is a mentorship program by alumni to offer career advice, start-up support, and job opportunities. HKUST recognizes the importance of fulfillment of financial demand and assistance to staff and students. Adequate financial demand and assistance are required for the community to take the next leap forward. We provide a fair wage standard for the staff and a stable financial condition for the students.