HKUST(GZ) PG Programs 2024-25

Welcome 1 Welcome, students! As you step through the gates of our brand-new, stunning campus, you should feel a rush of pride-- -not just a pride in our awesome architecture, but pride in an awesome idea and system. For you are joining a university whose structure and philosophy have no prior precedent. First, our overall framework is unique, we being the other half of a “Unified HKUSTComplementary Campuses”. We complement the superb disciplinary strengths of HKUST. Together, we create unlimited synergistic possibilities. In our calculation, “one-plus-one’’ does not equal two. It equals more. The early and extraordinary success of our Hong Kong twin brother has given us a huge head start. By now, you may know that HKUST(GZ) has been created to fulfill a national mission: to nurture tip-top talents capable of tackling the complex challenges that our community and country face. When you graduate, you will be brandishing more than just a diploma for your efforts. Your intellectual gifts and technical know-how will be your calling card. Our special cross-disciplinary structure is designed to help you get there. We have therefore dismantled the traditional academic divisions, doing away with departments and faculties. Under our pioneering academic structure, you may belong to one of the 4 interconnected Academic Hubs incorporating 16 cutting-edge Thrusts. This previously untried model breaks down disciplinary silos and academic boundaries, allowing scholars and students to build bridges across multiple disciplines. Under such arrangements, our ideal students are forwardlooking, innovation-seeking, problem-solving talents with the core competencies that transcend traditional disciplines. We believe the academic and living life at HKUST(GZ) will prepare our students to rise to the unforeseen challenges of our time. With great difficulties come great opportunities and the possibility of great triumphs. Your duty and ours is to see that you fulfill your potential. HKUST is a legendary miracle-maker, boasting a record of accomplishments in record time that wows the world. We at Guangzhou are determined not to be anything less. I invite you to chase our dream in an exciting journey without boundaries. Prof. Lionel M. Ni President