HKUST(GZ) PG Programs 2024-25

10 It advances data science and analytics by unifying statistics, machine learning, optimization, and their related techniques. It also expands the applications of data science and analytics to solve real world problems and to benefit society. Cross-disciplinary Focus Areas • Data-driven AI & Machine Learning • Statistical Learning and Modeling • Industrial and Business Analytics (Operations- Related Data Analytics, Business Intelligence and Strategy, etc.) • Sector-Specific Data Analytics (Healthcare, Finance, Insurance, Marketing, Manufacturing, Transportation, etc.) • Data visualization and Infographics • AI-driven Data Analytics • High-Performance Systems for Data Analytics • Graph Databases and Blockchain • AI for Science Prof. Xiaowen CHU Professor Acting Head of Data Science and Analytics Thrust, Information Hub Research Interest • GPU computing • Distributed machine learning systems (including federated learning) • Computer vision for autonomous vehicles • Vehicular networks Data Science and Analytics This thrust adopts an interdisciplinary approach to equip students with integrated knowledge to pursue innovation and to explore new research frontiers in forming an Internet of Things (IoT) enabled society. It encompasses both theoretical and empirical methodologies, making advancements in fields such as networking, machine learning, systems, security and privacy, and human-machine interactions within the broad sphere of IoT. Cross-disciplinary Focus Areas • Optimization, artificial intelligence and machine learning in IoT • Networking and communications • Security and privacy-enhancing technologies • Sensing and embedded systems • Distributed computing • Ubiquitous computing Prof. Danny Hin Kwok TSANG Professor Head of Internet of Things Thrust, Information Hub Fellow of IEEE and HKIE Research Interest • Smart grids • Networking • Wireless networking • Cloud/Edge computing Internet of Things Enquiries Artificial Intelligence Computational Media and Arts Data Science and Analytics Internet of Things