HKUST(GZ) PG Programs 2024-25

16 Student Sharing The study and research experience of the co-supervisor scheme allows students with interdisciplinary backgrounds to work collaboratively, ideally suited for changing trends in research around the world. Qianwen XU from Mainland China PhD Student in Smart Manufacturing The supervision, which is thorough and broad-based, comprises experts across several pertinent fields. l believe I am being set up for a career in solving modern problems using unconventional but more effective ways, as the world is increasingly becoming multidisciplinary in its approach to dealing with the challenges of the 21st century. OGEDENGBE lkeoluwa lreoluwa from Nigeria PhD Student in Intelligent Transportation Students can benefit from vital experience in multi-disciplinary engineering fields and developing a unique study plan, while cutting-edge facilities and exposure provided by supervisors help to build a research career. Don Pubudu Vishwana Joseph JAYAKODY from Sri Lanka MPhil Student in Smart Manufacturing Our program has world-class professors, fantastic education facilities and resources. During my PhD journey, learning and research experience is the highlight. It may be challenging, but I will never regret this decision! Lin YU from Mainland China PhD Student in Intelligent Transportation Enquiries