HKUST(GZ) PG Programs 2024-25

17 School of SCIENCE With the vision to establish world-class research and education, the Thrust aims to develop a multidisciplinary program with the strategic priorities listed below. Researchers in this Thrust apply science and engineering principles to advance knowledge and applications in these research areas. The Thrust will also embrace new research areas with profound impacts on Bioscience and Biomedical Engineering in future development. Cross-disciplinary Focus Areas • Neuroscience and intelligence technology • Stem cell biology • Synthetic biology • Cell and tissue engineering • Biomaterials science • Bioinformatics and computational biology Prof. Robert Zhong QI Professor Head of Bioscience & Biomedical Engineering Thrust, Systems Hub Research Interest • Cell biology • Cytoskeletal dynamics • Cellular and molecular mechanisms • Cancer • Molecular and cellular neuroscience Bioscience and Biomedical Engineering INTR aspires to develop cutting-edge technologies that integrate transportation, communications and networking, artificial intelligence, and data science for operations and management of multi-modal transportation systems. The key aim is to enhance the efficiency, safety, and sustainability of mobility for both people and goods. Cross-disciplinary Focus Areas • Big data for transportation and mobility • Shared mobility, mobility as a service (MaaS) • Connected and autonomous vehicles (CAV) • Integrated sensing, communications and computing for transportation • Operation and management of urban rail transit systems • Safety and efficiency of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV) • Green aviation technologies • Automated port operations and shipping logistics Transportation Electrification Prof. Liuqing YANG Chair Professor Acting Head of Intelligent Transportation Thrust, Systems Hub Research Interest • Multi-entity intelligence in transportation and energy systems • Synergy of communications, sensing, and information processing • Theory and applications of wireless communications and networking Intelligent Transportation Systems Hub - Thrust Areas