HKUST(GZ) PG Programs 2024-25

18 This thrust area examines technologies used to develop machines that can substitute and replicate human actions. It studies integrative systems that deal with design, construction, operations, as well as the control element for sensing, feedback, and data processing- aiming to perform intended tasks with a high degree of autonomy. Cross-disciplinary Focus Areas • Autonomous Driving and Systems • Robotic Manipulation and Grasping • Personal Assistive Robotics and Human Robot Interaction • Robotics and Autonomous Systems for Construction and Agriculture • Swarm/Collective Robotics • Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Systems • Integration of Robotics and AI • Robotic Arts Prof. Ming LIU Associate Professor Head of Robotics & Autonomous Systems Thrust, Systems Hub Research Interest • Robotics • Dynamic environment modeling • 3D mapping • Machine learning and visual control Robotics and Autonomous Systems This Thrust area focuses on computer-integrated manufacturing with high levels of adaptability and agile design optimizations, digital information and data analytics to promote more flexible technology productivity. SMMG aims at developing and integrating interoperable systems, multi-scale dynamic modeling and simulation, intelligent automation, multi-axis machining and additive manufacturing processes, dynamic manufacturing process detection technologies and other fundamental research involving smart manufacturing. Cross-disciplinary Focus Areas • Industry 4.0 • Smart Sensors, Automated Optical Inspection, Location Detection Technologies • Multi-axis Precision Machining • Digital Manufacturing • Additive Manufacturing and Hybrid Manufacturing • Industrial Data Analytics • Industrial Internet of Things • Integration of Embedded Systems • Advanced Human-Machine Interfaces Prof. Kai TANG Professor Head of Smart Manufacturing Thrust, Systems Hub Research Interest • CAD/CAM • Multi-axis Machining • Multi-axis Additive Manufacturing • Hybrid Manufacturing Smart Manufacturing Enquiries Bioscience and Biomedical Engineering Intelligent Transportation Robotics and Autonomous Systems Smart Manufacturing