HKUST(GZ) PG Programs 2024-25

4 Student Sharing HKUST(GZ) has always advocated interdisciplinary integration. It not only gives researchers full freedom, but also in-depth study of every link of construction with cross-cutting concepts. Hui KANG from Mainland China PhD Student in Advanced Materials The program offers high-quality domain knowledge courses and lays down solid foundations for further research. Seminars from different research areas exposed me to cutting-edge research from renowned universities worldwide. Bohan HU from Mainland China PhD Student in Microelectronics HKUST(GZ) fosters competitiveness, creative thinking and innovation, encouraging us working on innovative projects to promote holistic personality development. Qinghong CUI from Mainland China PhD Student in Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences It is one of my wisest choices to enter HKUST(GZ). There are the most advanced instruments and equipment, the best professors, staff who actively serve teachers and students, and generous studentship. Zihan HUANG from Mainland China PhD Student in Sustainable Energy and Environment Enquiries