HKUST(GZ) PG Programs 2024-25

5 School of SCIENCE Function Hub - Thrust Areas Advanced Materials, concerned with the structure and properties of materials, are enablers for existing and future technological innovations like microelectronics, biomedical devices, renewable energy / sustainable environmental technologies, and quantum communication / computing. Given the interdisciplinary nature and the diversity of materials science and technology, the aim of the Advanced Materials Thrust (AMAT) is to foster close collaborations with hubs (schools)/thrusts (departments) to conduct internationally leading research on impactful cutting-edge materials discovery and innovation. Cross-disciplinary Focus Areas • Functional Polymer Materials • Metamaterials • Bio-engineering and Bio-medical Materials • Optoelectronic Materials • Quantum Materials • Electronic Materials • Materials Informatics • Wearable Sensors • Materials Modeling and Computation Prof. Ping GAO Professor Head of Advanced Materials Thrust, Function Hub Research Interest • Polymer • Rheology of polymers • 2D Porous polymer films • Polymer membranes for biomedical, energy, environment and sensors • High-performance polymer fibers, films and composites • Nanocomposites Advanced Materials Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Thrust (EOAS) delivers an interdisciplinary educational and research program that links oceanography, atmospheric science and earth surface science holistically. This interdisciplinary program aims to advance earth system science in an integrated way and prepare the next generation of earth system scientists for the growing challenges in the future. Such interdisciplinary knowledge and talents are essential to achieving and maintaining a sustainable environment under climate change on both regional and global scales. Cross-disciplinary Focus Areas • Ocean Physical-biogeochemical Study • Earth Surface Processes in the Watershed • Atmosphere-ocean Dynamics and Climate • Ocean-atmosphere-land Interaction • Earth System Modelling Prof. Junyu ZHENG Professor Acting Head of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Thrust, Function Hub Research Interest • Source characterization and emission inventory • Co-control of air pollution and carbon emissions • Novel source measurement instruments and source tracing • Application of big data and AI to environmental models and emission mitigation Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences