HKUST(GZ) PG Programs 2024-25

6 Sustainable Energy and Environment Thrust (SEE) focuses on cutting-edge research in the related cross-disciplines, including sustainable energy harvesting and conversion technologies; high-performance energy storage systems; digital energy technologies; smart energy distribution and mini grid, intelligent energy systems and energy saving strategies; hydrogen and electrolyzers; bioenergy and bioinspired energy systems, and lifecycle analysis and recovery of energy system. Cross-disciplinary Focus Areas • Energy Harvesting, Conversion, and High-performance Energy Storage • Smart Green Buildings • Digital Energy Technologies • Biofuel and Hydrogen Energy • Smart and Bio-inspired Energy Systems • Energy & Power Management and Resources Recovery • Carbon Neutrality, Sustainable Environment and Pollution Control • Energy Economics and Security, Global Energy & Environmental and Carbon Neutrality Policy Prof. Huihe QIU Professor Acting Head of Sustainable Energy and Environment Thrust, Function Hub Research Interest • Fluid Dynamics and Heat Transfer • Bioinspired Flyers and Micro Air Vehicles (MAV) • Power Electronics and Battery Thermal Management • Micro Sensors and Actuators • Thermal Comfort Sensing and Smart Buildings Sustainable Energy and Environment Microelectronics Thrust (MICS) nurtures future innovators, researchers, and professionals through top-tier education, pioneering research, and industry collaboration. Our comprehensive curriculum empowers students to conduct groundbreaking research in device and fabrication, circuits technology, architecture and systems, and electronic design automation. We cultivate innovation and collaboration, striving to remain at the forefront of microelectronics advancements and to be a global leader in education and research. Cross-disciplinary Focus Areas • Integrated Circuit and System Design • Electronic Design Automation • System Architecture and Design • Devices and Fabrication Prof. Jiang XU Professor Head of Microelectronics Thrust, Function Hub Research Interest • System-on-chip • Hardware-software codesign • Hybrid photonic-electronic chip design • Chip power management • Machine learning system Microelectronics Enquiries Advanced Materials Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences Microelectronics Sustainable Energy and Environment