HKUST(GZ) PG Programs 2024-25

8 Student Sharing HKUST(GZ) provided me with many resources for growing as a Ph.D. student, and ultimately, I joined a perfect team researching 3D computer vision. On top of the fantastic academic opportunities, the university is also a perfect bridge for me to connect with many talented and passionate students, alumni, and professors. I could not have imagined a better place than HKUST(GZ) for the four years of study. Hao HE from Mainland China PhD Student in Artificial Intelligence I have always sought cutting-edge research in communication engineering. During my time here, I have been able to realize this dream by having an opportunity to interact with the brilliant and creative brains engaged in innovative research. Murad ABDULLAH from Pakistan PhD Student in Internet of Things Engaging in cross-discipline research is an incredibly rewarding and dynamic experience. It fills me with excitement and intellectual curiosity to explore the intersections between DSA and other fields, which broadens my understanding of the practical applications of data science in the real world. Studying DSA at the information hub has provided me with a stimulating and supportive academic environment, which has enabled me to grow both personally and professionally. Zihan LUO from Mainland China PhD Student in Data Science and Analytics Enquiries HKUST(GZ) encourages all kinds of academic innovation. Professors from different hubs and trusts will always strongly support student’s research. All you need to do is be clear about what you want, make a plan and take action. Beiyan CAO from Mainland China PhD Student in Computational Media and Arts