HKUST PG Programs 2024-25 - SHSS

6 Master of Arts in Chinese Culture Students are equipped with a multidisciplinary range of knowledge about Chinese culture from the humanities perspective. Disciplines include history, literature, religion, philosophy, anthropology and linguistics. This knowledge is imperative for students who aspire to know more about the culture of the country. It is also an important asset to those whose careers have a close relationship with China in fields such as education, government, business, industry, media, non-profit, foreign relations, and academia, enhancing competitiveness. Master of Arts in Social Science An interdisciplinary curriculum for those seeking employment in business, government, mass media, and education, as well as those who subsequently wish to pursue a research program in one of the social science disciplines. It is designed to provide the necessary skills required for social science research and a broad spectrum of analytical perspectives for a critical understanding of a variety of issues and phenomena in the modern world. Master of Science in Global China Studies The broad and interdisciplinary curriculum of this program provides global and local perspectives on China’s past and present. The one-year program emphasizes capacity building, especially in verbal and writing communication skills. An optional two-year program additionally focuses on fostering research capacity. The program is also designed to enable advanced undergraduates from elite universities to take on the challenge of postgraduate study and receive both a bachelor’s and a master’s degree within four years. Over half of the graduates continue further studies in renowned universities in Greater China and abroad. Taught Postgraduate Programs Master of Arts in International Language Education The program offers advanced postgraduate education, taught in English, with two specialized concentrations: Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL), and Teaching Chinese as a Second Language (TCSL). Our research-informed approach to language education prepares language professionals for a dynamic global career in teaching English or Chinese as a second or other language. The program provides a solid foundation across a broad range of language education and applied linguistics topics. MA MSc MA MA Enquiries MA in Chinese Culture T : (852) 3469 2205 MA in International Language Education T : (852) 3469 2096 MA in Social Science T : (852) 3469 2205 MSc in Global China Studies T : (852) 2358 8275