PRAISE-HK Brochure (Sept 2023)

PRAISE-HK September 2023 BROCHURE Empower the Public with Personalised Air Quality Information

Air pollution is a major environmental concern in Hong Kong. Yet many of us accept it as part of city living and believe that there is not much we, as members of the general public, can do about it. PRAISE-HK is about to change this mindset. A mobile app that places real-time air quality information in the palm of your hand Personalised Real-Time Air Quality Informatics System for Exposure – Hong Kong (PRAISE-HK) is a project with an ambitious goal: empower people to manage and reduce their exposure to air pollutants. As a smart city project, PRAISE-HK has been developing a mobile app that allows you to access real-time, geolocalised air quality information anytime, anywhere. Not to mention that in the later app versions, it will evaluate your WHAT IS PRAISE-HK A game-changer in air pollution exposure management 1

air pollution exposure and provide personalised health advices, helping you make informed health decision in your daily lives. Questions-and-answers in a tap-and-go Powered by the state-of-the-art technologies, PRAISE-HK provides real-time air quality forecast and corresponding health risk information down to street level. Within a few taps, PRAISE-HK will answer your most pressing questions on air quality: Which streets around my polluted? The most? What is the difference in my pollution exposure among different commuting routes? What is the most effective way of reducing my overall exposure? Where should I go in the coming weekend? Which air pollutants am I sensitive to? 2 How is the air quality currently like?


Existing air quality information at a district level The HKSAR Government’s official air quality monitoring network - comprising of 15 general and 3 roadside air quality monitoring stations (AQMS) - is designed to depict the average air quality over various areas in Hong Kong. While this is helpful to broadly inform the community on air quality, more detailed information is needed to make personal references and choices in our daily routines. street to another in dense cities like Hong urban dispersion and ventilation. PRAISE-HK mobile app takes this into account. It brings users current and forecasted air quality as well as associated health risks on a street-by-street level, assisting you to plan your activities and to reduce air pollution exposure. Street-level details shown in PRAISE-HK 4 The HKSAR Government’s 18 AQMS Kong due to different factors including traffic, PRAISE-HK unveils variations between streets Air quality can vary significantly from one

Zoom in on a map to check current and forecasted outdoor air quality and associated health risks down to street level. Use this guide to plan your activities wisely reducing your exposure to air pollution. PRAISE-HK MILESTONES PHASE 1 Street-level air quality spatial map Launched in June 2019 FEATURES PHASE 1 PHASE 2 PHASE 3 Current & forecast air qualiy Street-level air quality map General symptoms report Cleaner air route suggestion Daily pollution exposure review Personalised health alerts & advice iOS Android Activity route & time suggestion Asthmatic symptoms report Interested location bookmark Location air quality notification

This upgrade will be able to evaluate your total air pollution exposure from your travel history. It will also determine which routes are cleanest, helping users make healthier and more informed choices in their everyday lives. Pollution exposure health-risk review PHASE 2 This upgrade will include alerts and recommendations tailored to individual health conditions and daily habits. Personal air quality and health alert PHASE 3 6 Launched in Nov 2021 KEY FEATURES Hong Kong Street-Level Air Pollution Map 1 Customised Bookmark at a Glance 3 Current and 48-hours Forecast 2 Personal Air Pollution Exposure Summary 4 Suggestions for Cleaner Routes 5 GET IT NOW! iOS Android Time & Route Suggestions for Activities 6 Won Gold Award in the Public Sector and Social Innovation category at the Asia Smart App Awards 2022/23

COmponents of PRAISE-HK With layers of data and state-of-the-art technologies such as artificial intelligence (AI), sensor technologies, air quality modelling systems and exposure sciences, PRAISE-HK system visualises the spatial distribution of air pollutants and provides reliable real-time and up-to48-hour forecast of air quality to you.

Driven by AI and big data Powered by ADMS-Urban modelling system and MATsim emissions and power plant emissions Real-time Variation Local Urban Morphology & Local Emission Information Regional Emission Data & Meterological Projection ALgorithm Powered by the coupled WRF-CMAQ photo-chemical model Understand how PRAISE-HK’s sophisticated algorithm brings the high-resolution air quality map to us. 8 2 3 4 1

OUR SUPPORTERS The PRAISE-HK project, led by The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST) Institute for the Environment, is funded by the HSBC 150th Anniversary Charity Programme. We are sincerely grateful for the support provided by government bodies, medical professional groups, and non-government organizations. Their support has been instrumental in bringing this project to fruition. Government bodies: • Environment and Ecology Bureau • Medical professionals: • Hong Kong Institute of Allergy • The Hong Kong Asthma Society • Hong Kong Allergy Association Social service sector: • Hong Kong Red Cross Think-tank, association, NGOs: • Business Environment Council • Clean Air Network • Civic Exchange • Friends of the Earth • The Conservancy Association Energizing Kowloon East Office

TOgether, WE SHApe a smarter AND HEalthier city Supporting organizations:

Institute for the Environment The Hong Kong Unvieristy of Science and Technology Empower the Public with Personalised Air Quality Information Supported by ㏭ㆿ㤝㢉