PRAISE-HK Brochure (Sept 2023)

Existing air quality information at a district level The HKSAR Government’s official air quality monitoring network - comprising of 15 general and 3 roadside air quality monitoring stations (AQMS) - is designed to depict the average air quality over various areas in Hong Kong. While this is helpful to broadly inform the community on air quality, more detailed information is needed to make personal references and choices in our daily routines. street to another in dense cities like Hong urban dispersion and ventilation. PRAISE-HK mobile app takes this into account. It brings users current and forecasted air quality as well as associated health risks on a street-by-street level, assisting you to plan your activities and to reduce air pollution exposure. Street-level details shown in PRAISE-HK 4 The HKSAR Government’s 18 AQMS Kong due to different factors including traffic, PRAISE-HK unveils variations between streets Air quality can vary significantly from one