PRAISE-HK Brochure (Sept 2023)

This upgrade will be able to evaluate your total air pollution exposure from your travel history. It will also determine which routes are cleanest, helping users make healthier and more informed choices in their everyday lives. Pollution exposure health-risk review PHASE 2 This upgrade will include alerts and recommendations tailored to individual health conditions and daily habits. Personal air quality and health alert PHASE 3 6 Launched in Nov 2021 KEY FEATURES Hong Kong Street-Level Air Pollution Map 1 Customised Bookmark at a Glance 3 Current and 48-hours Forecast 2 Personal Air Pollution Exposure Summary 4 Suggestions for Cleaner Routes 5 GET IT NOW! iOS Android Time & Route Suggestions for Activities 6 Won Gold Award in the Public Sector and Social Innovation category at the Asia Smart App Awards 2022/23