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Program Overview Program Overview Students of BSc in Chemistry will study all aspects of chemistry and related disciplines. General areas covered include analytical chemistry, inorganic chemistry, organic chemistry, and physical chemistry. Specialized areas include environmental chemistry, medicinal chemistry, biological chemistry, polymer chemistry, materials chemistry including nanostructures, instrumentation, and computational / theoretical chemistry. BSc in Ocean Science and Technology (OST) is an integrative program that offers students with a comprehensive foundational understanding of the cross-disciplinary ocean science and technology, and provides exposure to the cutting-edge scientific and technological development related to investigating, conserving and managing ocean resources. This program provides excellent general training in both analytical thinking and problem-solving skills. The curriculum, which includes basic training in analytical, inorganic, organic, and physical chemistry and modern laboratory techniques and skills, has been specifically designed to allow students maximum flexibility in determining the extent of their specializations. Program Highlights • Foundation: biological, chemical and physical processes in the ocean, ecosystem functions; • Technology: marine instrumentation, data management, pollution tracking; • Applications: pollution bioremediation, environmental impact and risk assessment; • Socio-economy: conservation and management of marine resources, fisheries and aquaculture. A major emphasis of the curriculum is the provision of practicum experience, experiential learning and field trips to enhance students’ academic, career and personal development. CHEMISTRY (CHEM) Student Sharing Studying Chemistry at HKUST is absolutely an enlightening and rewarding experience! Doing research with professors in HKUST and HKSTP place significant importance on my self-exploration during my study. They further ignite my passion for Chemistry research! This program covers a variety of courses in different aspects of ocean science, which include: OCEAN SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (OST) Student Sharing Thanks to the support from HKUST, I got the chance to work as intern at Wetland Park and learn about managing wetland and escorting eco tour. Other learning experience including field trips, lab works and faculty guidance have broadened my horizons, and helped me prepare for the career in environmental consultancy. Extended Major Options On top of expertise in ocean science and technology, OST students with an Extended Major in AI will acquire the latest knowledge in this emerging technology and learn to apply the knowledge to solve real-world problems such as the predicting the occurrence of harmful algal bloom and predicting climate change. The Extended Major in Digital Media and Creative Arts (DMCA) is for students who are interested in a career pathway that emphasizes the creation of multimedia contents for promotion and public education in environmental conservation and environmental protection. Upon the fulfilment of the curriculum requirement, the students will be awarded one of the following degrees: • BSc in Ocean Science and Technology with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence • BSc in Ocean Science and Technology with an Extended Major in Digital Media and Creative Arts The program offers four options for students to specialize in an area: • Biomolecular Chemistry Option • Environmental and Analytical Chemistry Option • Materials Chemistry Option • Pure Chemistry Option Co-curricular activities and experimental learning experiences, such as internships and undergraduate research opportunities, will be provided to enhance students’ career development. 14 15