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Program Overview Students will study how living organisms are built upon the complex interplay of biological pathways. An emphasis is placed on knowledge gained through research on cell-free experimental systems (Biochemistry) and within cells (Cell Biology). The early curriculum is broad-based and teaches students the fundamental concepts and principles of Biochemistry and Cell Biology. This will enable students to explore and develop their own interests in various aspects of modern molecular life sciences. As they progress through the program, they will take more advanced and specialized elective courses. BCB students will also have the option of engaging in intensive practical training and research opportunities. LIFE SCIENCE BIOCHEMISTRY AND CELL BIOLOGY (BCB) Student Sharing The BCB program gave me all-around laboratory training that equipped me for a career in the medical laboratory industry. With high flexibility in course enrollment, students can enroll in any courses leading to their goals in future. HKUST staff and faculty members are always helpful to offer supports in career planning to students. Student Sharing As a biotechnology student who is passionate in research, I was thrilled with the opportunities that HKUST provided so that students can gain handson research experience in top-notch facilities and laboratories! Without such opportunities, I would not have found my research interest, and I would not have reached this point where I can pursue a Ph.D. in the United States. • Applied Bioscience Track This track aims at enhancing students’ learning through a range of experiential learning or project-based courses. Students will be provided with ample opportunities to tackle real-world problems in biotechnology, formulate experimental plans, devise biotechnological solutions, and transfer practical knowledge to society. • Entrepreneurship Track This track aims at enhancing students’ vision and knowledge of entrepreneurship through various co-curricular activities. Students will be trained to formulate integrated commercial solutions to academic and real-world problems in biotechnology. Students will also be encouraged to enter internal and external entrepreneurial competitions and turn their ideas into commercial practice. Program Overview The Biotechnology (BIOT) program is designed to cover the research and development of biotechnology products and services, including medicines, cosmetics, health supplements and genetic diagnostics. The program provides students with theoretical and practical knowledge of the latest biotechnological developments, with a particular focus on the applied aspects of life science. The curriculum also requires a basic understanding of concepts across various biological spectra including biochemistry, cell biology, molecular biology, microbiology and genetics. BIOT students can choose one of two study tracks that have distinct strengths: BIOTECHNOLOGY (BIOT) 16 17