School of Science - UG Booklet

MESSAGE FROM US INTRODUCTION TO SCHOOL OF SCIENCE Join HKUST, a top University in Asia, where educators inspire, creative minds thrive and young leaders bloom. You will grow in this vibrant and exciting community and you will fly high when you leave. The School of Science is committed to pursuing cutting-edge research, making groundbreaking discoveries and establishing new research paradigms. Our quality and well-balanced education place particular emphasis on grit, curiosity and creativity. We are dedicated to equipping our students with the knowledge and confidence to be inspirational leaders capable of making a difference in society. At the School of Science, we are proud of our exceptional academic departments, distinguished faculty, challenging yet inspiring academic programs, achievements in research and development, and state-of-the-art research facilities. High-quality education requires dedicated educators. The School of Science has recruited outstanding faculty members, many of whom are leaders in their research fields with international recognition for their scientific contributions. With their different backgrounds and research interests, they bring diverse, interdisciplinary perspectives to address the fundamental questions in science. Together, they help raise the School’s research profile to a level of global excellence. Welcome to the HKUST School of Science! At the School of Science, we promote a vigorous and dynamic learning environment with continuous enhancement of our curriculum. Aside from the conventional science programs, we have designed several diverse, interdisciplinary and inquiry-driven programs to meet the ever-changing society's demands. Outside the classroom, our students enjoy a wide range of learning opportunities such as overseas exchange programs, mentorship and internship programs, and social service activities. We also have a dedicated team that provides career advising and personalized support. Such co-curricular programs and activities broaden students’ horizons and help realize their holistic development. Our programs emphasize flexibility and creativity and are structured to equip our students with the skills, knowledge, and confidence to become inspirational leaders and independent thinkers. Our faculty members are dedicated to both teaching and research. They instill in our students the importance of scientific rigor and ethics, so that they can reach their full potential in academic and commercial settings. The School's commitment to quality and excellence remains as strong as ever. Our past successes laid an excellent foundation for us to move forward and embrace change. By strengthening our ties with the local community and working closely with other leading institutions overseas, the School exerts global impact in diverse areas. Join us as we continue to advance the frontiers of scientific research and education! 01