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JOINT SCHOOL PROGRAMS BIOTECHNOLOGY AND BUSINESS (BIBU) Program Overview MATHEMATICS AND ECONOMICS (MAEC) The Biotechnology and Business Program (BIBU) is jointly offered by the School of Science and the School of Business and Management. It aims to groom students with a hybrid interest in both biotechnology applications and business operations. It offers students a broad-based learning experience that encompasses essential life science and biotechnology knowledge, as well as complementary business knowhow, including accounting, finance, economics, marketing, operations management. It also enhances students’ creative and critical thinking abilities while helping them develop a global outlook on biotechnology development and applications, thereby laying a solid foundation of knowledge and skills to develop, manage, and market biotechnology initiatives. Program Overview The Mathematics and Economics (MAEC) program is jointly offered by the School of Science and the School of Business and Management of HKUST. The program provides students with solid training in the fundamental theories of both mathematics and economics. The curriculum equips students with quantitative reasoning skills, conceptual understanding, and the ability to effectively communicate in mathematics and in the language of economics and social sciences. This interdisciplinary degree is suitable for students who seek to obtain a finance industry position that emphasizes quantitative skills or who intend to pursue postgraduate study in applied mathematics, economics, business or related areas such as operations research or management science. Student Sharing I can really feel the support from both Schools, that provides me with ample resources for personal and career development. It is an incredible experience to study Mathematics and Economics at a world-class university. Student Sharing BIBU offers a unique blend of scientific expertise and entrepreneurial acumen by building a bridge between the two evergrowing industries. This multidisciplinary education, which provides the ultimate flexibility in career options, helps me to be a more versatile professional with new and limitless opportunities. 18 19