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RISK MANAGEMENT AND BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE (RMBI) Program Overview Risk management and business intelligence form a vital part of a company's strategic planning and decision-making. The BSc in Risk Management and Business Intelligence (RMBI) program integrates training in both risk management and business intelligence to address market demands in one single undergraduate program. FinTech Option An academic option “Financial Technology” is provided to students who wish to gain a deeper understanding of financial technology and its engineering foundations, cryptoventures and the latest development in the area. Combining the strengths of HKUST’s School of Business and Management, School of Engineering, and School of Science, the cutting-edge BSc in RMBI program incorporates a curriculum that put strong emphasis on quantitative techniques and business knowledge, encompassing: • Understanding of risks in financial institutions and other firms, including market risks, credit risks, operational risks, and business risks • Mathematical models and methods for assessing and minimizing risks • Data / text mining methods and advanced technologies to analyze and manage the increasingly large volume of business data available for decision-making Student Sharing Studying Data Science at HKUST has been an exhilarating journey. The cutting-edge curriculum and hands-on projects have equipped me with valuable analytical and programming skills. I am excited to apply my knowledge to solve real-world challenges in the data-driven era. DATA SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY (DSCT) Program Overview The Data Science and Technology (DSCT) program is jointly offered by the School of Science and the School of Engineering. Various business and industry sectors have a huge demand for data specialists / scientists to conduct an in-depth analysis of the valuable datasets collected during the business process. Data Science and Technology graduates are a perfect fit for these emerging job opportunities in the market. The program will equip students with various mathematical tools, data analytical skills and IT technologies to make sense of data obtained from various sources. DSCT students use a wide spectrum of mathematical and IT tools to develop basic knowledge of data analysis and programming skills that will allow them to understand and analyze actual phenomena of massive data obtained from rich information sources. Additionally, students will receive hands-on experience and expert guidance to acquire practical skills in data analysis that will provide them with an excellent step in their future. Areas of expertise in this program include machine learning, classification, clustering, data mining, database management, cloud computing, data visualization, etc. Extended Major Option The DSCT students can opt for an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence (AI). Extended Major is not a standalone major, but is adhered to a certain majors as expanded choices. It enables students to keep abreast of emerging technology and innovation that are shaping our society in a multi-faceted way. The curriculum of this program is crossdisciplinary and practical. DSCT students with this extended major can learn many innovative applications of artificial intelligence in the related areas to Data Science and Technology. Upon fulfilment of the curriculum requirement, the students will be awarded the BSc degree in Data Science and Technology with an Extended Major in Artificial Intelligence. 20 21