School of Science - UG Booklet

RESEARCH EXCELLENCE Research Foci • Cold Atoms, Optics and Quantum Information • Condensed Matter Experiments and Advanced Materials • Condensed Matter Theory, Statistical and Computational Physics • Particle Physics and Cosmology • Soft Matter and Biological Physics • Wave Functional Materials and Physics Department of Physics Research in the Department covers a broad range of topics, from the smallest to the largest scale, with complementary strengths in theory and experiment. Faculty members work both independently and collaboratively, in affiliation with the several research institutes and centers: • William Mong Institute of Nano Science and Technology • Center for Metamaterials Research • Center for Quantum Materials • HKUST Energy Institute • Center for Scientific Computation • Institute for Advanced Study’s Center for Fundamental Physics • Institute for Advanced Study’s Center for Quantum Technologies Research Foci • Algebra and Number Theory • Geometry and Topology • Analysis and Differential Equations • Applied and Computational Mathematics • Financial Mathematics • Probability and Statistics • Data Science Department of Mathematics The Department utilizes a range of up-to-date facilities and equipment for teaching and research purposes. Apart from a computer laboratory with 40 high-end desktop computers, there is also a High Performance Computing Laboratory equipped with 200 powerful CPU- & GPU-based computer servers having 200 TFLOPS aggregate processing power and 1 PB storage capacity. By making use of these powerful computing facilities, our faculty and students are able to solve computationally intensive problems in their innovative research projects so that they can stay at the forefront of their research fields. 22 23