School of Science - UG Booklet

Research Foci • Cellular Regulation and Signaling • Cancer Biology • Developmental Biology • Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience • Macromolecular Structure and Function • Biotechnology and Medicinal Biochemistry Research Foci • Marine Ecology • Oceanography • Ocean Technology Division of Life Science Faculty members working in these areas form coordinated research teams. Synergy between research laboratories empowered multi-disciplinary investigation of biological problems. At the same time, it creates a stimulating atmosphere in which students experience the challenge of modern research through direct participation. The Division is excellently equipped for research in a broad range of areas. The Laboratory Animal Facility provides a centralized and modern facility for animal studies. Centralized state-of-theart facilities for biochemical and cellular studies are provided by the Biosciences Central Research Facility. The Department emphasizes building cross-disciplinary research and educational programs in Ocean Science and Technology. Our primary study sites include the estuarine environment of the Pearl River, the coastal bays of Hong Kong, and the deep sea in the Pacific Ocean and beyond. The Ocean Research Facility on campus is a key item of infrastructure supporting our marine research, while the Environmental Central Facility provides a range of equipment and technology commonly used in water and atmospheric environmental research. Research Foci • Analytical / Environmental Chemistry • Synthetic Chemistry • Materials Chemistry • Physical / Computational Chemistry • Chemical Biology / Medicinal Chemistry Department of Chemistry Department of Ocean Science The Department is well equipped with modern laboratories and state-ofthe-art instruments. In addition, the Department has international links with major chemical industries and has played a key role in setting up broad-based collaborations involving universities, research institutions and companies in Hong Kong, Mainland China, Japan, Europe and the US. 24 25