School of Science - UG Booklet

Internships, Research Opportunities and Student Exchanges Students are provided with an array of career training activities including oneon-one career consultation on exploring their career goals, mock interviews with HR experts from different industries, and firm visits. The School also provides individualized services such as referrals to partner companies for students who seek internship experiences and graduate jobs. Career Training and Internship Opportunities UROP is a HKUST signature program designed to provide undergraduate students with exciting opportunities to engage in academic research. In Fall, Spring and Summer semesters, lists of UROP projects are open for student application. Qualified students will work closely with faculty members and their postgraduate research students, thereby developing insightful perspectives on diverse scientific fields. Successful completion of UROP courses may lead to stipends as encouragement or credits to fulfill part of the program requirement. Students will be sponsored to attend international academic conferences if their UROP project papers / posters are accepted for presentation. Students who demonstrate excellent research performance may also be nominated for internal awards, in recognition of their contribution to research and innovation at the HKUST. Undergraduate Research Opportunities Program (UROP) 30 31