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Working as a consultant to diagnose organization problems and devise solutions for our clients might not seem to have direct relationship with math at first sight. However, math forms the backbone of how we approach things here – from dissecting a problem from different angles, drawing findings from models and analysis to supporting with multi-dimensional solutions. Most importantly, the determination of a break-through mindset where we keep challenging ourselves and generating new ideas are originated in math, cultivated through every course and learning experience at HKUST. It is very fruitful! I have taken advantage of the many research opportunities offered by the IRE program. In the first two years, I was in Prof. Lortz’s research group doing experimental research on high-temperature superconductors. I continued my interest in this subject after I went for exchange at Columbia University and worked with a renowned theorist Prof. Andrew Millis on the novel superconductivity of FeSe. After returning to HKUST, I joined Prof. Vic Law’s research group and started to train myself to be a condensed matter theorist and get to know the field of topological superconductors. The IRE program has given me plenty of training to be a serious researcher and opportunities to interact with brilliant scholars. Abigail WANG BSc in Chemistry (International Research Enrichment Track), Class of 2020 PhD student at Massachusetts Institute of Technology Manvela LUI BSc in Mathematics, Class of 2016 Senior Consultant at Deloitte Harry TAM BSc in Physics (International Research Enrichment Track), Class of 2018 PhD in Physics, University of Pennsylvania Postdoctoral Fellow at Princeton University Ronan CHAN BSc in Biology, Class of 1996 General Manager – Hong Kong & Taiwan, Cardiac Rhythm Management at Abbott At HKUST I did experience the rigorous academic training and the demanding assessment, which gave me a sense of connection to the competitive business world. HKUST is willing to invest and attract distinctive lecturers and professors. I still miss the chance with honor to attend lectures by a world-famous biologist. Together with the communion atmosphere with the multicultural community and the beautiful landscape, I strongly recommend HKUST as a good choice for you! I am very thankful to HKUST for its rich resources and the opportunities I have been exposed to during my time there. I have developed the most previous friendship, gained international experiences, and seen a much bigger world in those four years. I would like to encourage current students to be brave enough to step out of their comfort zone. For it is always through the most uncomfortable, challenging path, that we grow and mature the most. 36 37