School of Science - UG Booklet

• Public examination results and academic performance • Personal statement • Non-academic achievements • Referees’ reports • Interview performance (if applicable) Admissions Requirements (Direct Admissions) HKUST School of Science considers the following factors in making admissions decisions: Applicants with International Qualifications (e.g. IB, GCEAL, SAT/AP, etc.): In addition to fulfilling the University’s general requirements, applicants applying for: • Science (Group A) and SSCI-A (AI) programs must have at least one seniorlevel subject from Mathematics / Physics • Science (Group B) program must have at least one senior-level subject from Biology / Chemistry • IRE program must have at least one senior-level subject from Biology / Chemistry / Mathematics / Physics Applicants with Joint Entrance Examination for Universities in PRC (JEE, PRC) Qualification: 1) Science stream, or; 2) For candidates from provinces that do not distinguish between Arts and Science streams are required to take at least one of the following subjects: • for Science (Group A) and SSCI-A (AI) programs: Physics • for Science (Group B) program: Chemistry, Biology / Life Science • for IRE program: Chemistry, Physics, Biology / Life Science Scholarships The University and the School of Science offer a number of scholarships to top students from all backgrounds, based on academic merits and non-academic achievements upon entry and during the course of study. For details, please refer to Joint School Programs: For the Biotechnology and Business (BIBU) program, please visit For the Mathematics and Economics (MAEC) program, please visit Applicants with Post-Secondary Qualifications: Applicants must fulfill either one of the following requirements: 1) Completion of an Associate Degree in a post-secondary institution recognized by HKUST 2) Completion of a Higher Diploma program in a post-secondary institution recognized by HKUST 3) Transfer students from local or overseas degree programs: GPA B+ or GPA of 80% is normally expected 40