HKUST PPOL Newsletter Fall 2023

31 Conference and Events PPOL Hosted the Asia Pacific Public Policy Network Conference The Division of Public Policy (PPOL) has successfully hosted the 8th annual Asia Pacific Public Policy Network (AP|PPN) Conference on 1 and 2 June 2023. It is the second time that PPOL has hosted the conference, and this year’s theme is “Public Policy in a Turbulent World” inviting experts across multiple disciplines from different parts of the world to talk about public policy issues in a post-pandemic world. The 2-day AP|PPN conference consisted of 2 keynote speeches, 1 panel conversation, 6 workshops, and 130 sessional talks. Professor Naubahar Sharif delivered the AP|PPN opening speech Professor Xun Wu delivering welcome speech Keynote Speech by Professor Roger A. Pielke Jr. Prof. Pielke Jr. delivering the keynote speech on Day 1 of AP|PPN Conference Prof. Pielke Jr. who authored the book “Honest Broker: Making Sense of Science in Policy and Politics” and a few other books on climate change and politics is currently professor in environmental studies at the University of Colorado Boulder, he gave a keynote speech for the AP-PPN conference on the topic “Science Advise in the Covid-19 pandemic” which is public policy research beyond Covid itself, Prof. Pielke Jr. started the keynote by giving definitions to science, expert, policy, politics, and politicization of science, the politicization of science should be encouraged according to Prof. Pielke Jr.. He stated that there are four roles that experts can The AP|PPN is a flagship conference in the Asia Pacific region for public policy scholars. The AP|PPN began with the opening remarks given by Professor Naubahar Sharif, Acting Head and Professor of PPOL, and Professor Xun Wu, Professor of the Trust of Innovation, Policy and Entrepreneurship, at the Society Hub, HKUST (GZ), and a member of the steering committee of AP|PPN, gave the welcome speech.