HKUST PPOL Newsletter Fall 2023

33 Conference and Events Panel conversation reflecting on policy lessons learned from the Covid pandemic Panel Conversation between Prof. Benjamin J. Cowling and Ms. Diana Jou On day two of the AP|PPN Conference, we also had a panel conversation session between Prof. Benjamin J. Cowling, Chair of Epidemiology and Division Head of Epidemiology and Biostatistics at the University of Hong Kong, and Diana Jou, seasoned journalist and Lecturer of HKU Journalism and Media on Covid-19 pandemic under the topic of “Looking Ahead: Rebalancing Policy Response and Science Advice for Better Crisis Preparedness” that reflected on the important issues during the Covid-19 pandemic and important lessons learned from a public health point of view, such as contact tracing, vaccine controversy and interesting research findings, vaccination hesitancy, public healthcare during Covid, science advice and conspiracy theory in other parts of the world, and more.