HKUST PPOL Newsletter Fall 2023

36 Conference and Events PPOL Visit to IPE in HKUST (GZ) Campus Before the commencement of the Fall Semester, the faculty of the Division of Public Policy visited the Thrust of Innovation, Policy and Entrepreneurship (IPE) of the Society Hub of the HKUST (GZ) Campus. PPOL arrived at the beautiful HKUST Guangzhou campus on 24 August 2023. The faculty of PPOL were warmly welcomed by Professor Danyang Xie, Dean of the Society Hub, Professor Xun Wu, Chair Professor, and other faculty members of IPE. Prof. Xie extended a very warm welcome to the PPOL faculty and staff. IPE staff guided us to see the vibrant and dynamic campus and introduced the programs, such as the interdisciplinary teamwork, real-world-application emphasized RedBird Mphil program and supporting facilities like the Hybay and Maker Space. We had the faculty meeting session in the afternoon. Professor Naubahar Sharif, Acting Head and Professor of PPOL first introduced our Division, its research strength and faculty profile, strategic areas of focus, ongoing research projects and the postgraduate programs offered by PPOL, followed by Prof. Xie's introduction to the thrust areas in HKUST (GZ) and Society Hub, pointed out that everything in the four thrusts in the Society Hub is incorporated by policy study. Prof. Xie recapitulated IPE's mission and cross-disciplinary areas and introduced taught and research postgraduate programs offered by the Thrust of IPE. Prof. Ye Qi gave the institutional history of the Society Hub at HKUST (GZ). Each PPOL and IPE faculty member introduced their research background and shared their ongoing research projects and recent research findings to explore the potential synergies and collaboration opportunities in respective areas of expertise, consolidate the existing collaborative projects, and identify related research areas to generate a synergy of long-term collaboration. Very inspiring and informative research areas and topics were shared and presented. Prof. Naubahar Sharif, Prof. Kira Matus, Prof. Alex He, Prof. Masaru Yarime, Prof. Magdelena Klemun, Prof. Xiaofan Zhao, Prof. Julien de Troullioud de Lanversin from PPOL presented their recent research work and on-going projects; and Prof. Ye Qi, Prof. Xun Wu, Prof. Jinyu He, Prof. Jia Li, Prof. Corey Xu, and Prof. Xu Zhang, Prof. Luoye Chen, Prof. Yun Hou, Prof. Chenyang Li from IPE presented their research work and on-going projects. The meeting between PPOL and IPE has been tremendously fruitful, and we look forward to collaborating with IPE in HKUST (GZ) in various public policy expertise areas.