HKUST PPOL Newsletter Fall 2023

49 Student Achievements and Events Professor Naubahar Sharif (Left) and Professor Kira Matus (Right) gave students advice on intercultural awareness and academic integrity PPOL faculty Prof. King Chow, Acting Dean of Students and Director of the Center for the Development of the Gifted and Talented, Prof. Kira Matus, Associate Dean of the Academy of Interdisciplinary Studies (AIS), Associate Head and Director of MPM program, Co-directors of MPP, Prof. Masaru Yarime and Prof. Pengyu Zhu, Prof. Alex Jingwei He, Prof. Xiaofan Zhao, Prof. Magdalena Klemun, Prof. Julien de Troullioud de Lanversin, Prof. James Wong, Dr. Francine Yi, Prof. Michael Chen, and Prof. Kam Wing Siu welcomed the students and introduced about their research specialties and their teaching areas to the new postgraduate students. Prof. Naubahar Sharif emphasized the interdisciplinary nature of the programs, as the Division's mandate is under the AIS to provide interdisciplinary education. Prof. Huamin Qu, Dean of AIS and Head of the Division of Emerging Interdisciplinary Areas delivered his welcome speech and introduced AIS to the postgraduate students. Professor Naubahar Sharif on Intercultural Awareness and Professor Kira Matus on Academic Integrity Our students come from various cultural backgrounds, Professor Sharif gave his heartfelt advice to the students on cultural sensitivity, difference adjustment, and toleration, and awareness of expectations due to cultural differences to be conducive to learning. Prof. Matus reiterated the definition of academic integrity and emphasized its cruciality in academia, warned against plagiarism and stressed the importance of giving necessary credit to the source of data and ideas to grow to become real thinkers. Our program directors briefed the three cohorts of students separately about the program structures and expectations, grading system, internship and career strategy. Our year-two students also shared their experiences and gave the new students handson and take-home tips to facilitate their study and learning experience in HKUST.