HKUST PPOL Newsletter Fall 2023

6 Awards and Projects Professor Naubahar Sharif Received an ‘Honorary Mention’ for the Common Core Teaching Excellence Award 2022 On 8 June 2023, Professor Sharif received an Honorary Mention, awarded by the Undergraduate Core Education Team in appreciation of his efforts in designing and teaching the common core course PPOL 2110- Science, Technology and Society in China. The Committee on Undergraduate Core Education (CUCE) commended Professor Sharif's teaching philosophy, which prioritizes building strong partnerships with students and empathizing with their perspectives to support their academic and personal growth throughout his classes. His course design includes thoughtfully curated content and a well-balanced mix of assessment activities tailored to accommodate diverse student backgrounds and educational objectives. Moreover, Professor Sharif's innovative approach to adopting various digital platforms and technologies and creating high-quality course videos for this blended-learning course has transformed students from passive recipients to active, lifelong learners. About the Common Core Teaching Excellence Award The Common Core Teaching Excellence Award is established to recognize outstanding common core course instructors who have made substantial contributions to the design and/or the teaching of exemplary common core courses. The nominees for the awards are evaluated based on three broad criteria: (a) Excellence in course design (including the development of a new course or the refinement or redevelopment of an existing course) and teaching innovation; (b) Delivery of an exemplary common core course; and (c) Innovative assessment of student learning. A cash prize of $10,000 is awarded to a maximum of three Honorary Mentions each year as a token of recognition and appreciation.